Internet Marketers Guide to Selecting Successful Keywords

Someone searching for a product or service on the internet, does so by entering related words or phrases into a search engine such as Google. Google will then look through its vast information to find websites containing these words and advise the searcher. These look up words are called keywords.

Anyone who has done internet marketing can tell you that the most important strategy when beginning to sell anything is to choose the very best keyword or group of keywords that will capture your reader’s attention. There are often hundreds of words to pick from and the successful marketer must know which phrases have the most people hunting for them and the most potential buyers.

There are many keyword tools on the market to help you with your choices. Some are free and some are not but most of them work in the same way. You first choose a word that represents what you want to sell. For instance if you want to sell golf equipment you would start with the word “golf”. You enter golf into the tool, push a button and up pops any number of words related to golf. For instance, golf, golf equipment, golf shoes and so on. You continue to narrow the choices down until you get 4 or 5 words most closely related to your product.

Once you have your words, you start working on such things as how many clicks a month the word gets You need to have enough searches for your product to make it worth your while to sell. Then you need to know how many competing pages contain that word on Google. If there are too many pages with your words on them you’ll never get your articles or website recognized.

Generally, most marketers feel that your keyword- or group of keywords should have at least 1500 people searching for them in a month. For Google competing pages, successful marketers think there should be less than 500,000. And In title pages should be less than 10,000

That was the old way and it has served us very well

MAKE WAY FOR THE NEW! Now I don’t find keywords, I let keywords find me. An innovative keyword tool has just become available. It works in reverse of what I have just described You no longer choose a keyword and then try to find out what marketing criteria works Instead you start with your basic criteria. For instance, what kind of business do you want to market. AdSense, e-commerce, pay per click, etc. Then you tell the tool such things as how many clicks a month do you want your words to have? How many competing pages and competing inpages would you like there to be? For those who market by AdSense and pay per click, this revolutionary tool can even suggest cheaper prices. The analysis and research is all done for you and key words come back at the click of a button. The very best keywords are right there for you to choose

Are you like me? I never seemed to “get it” and my keyword choices never seemed to be the best. This resulted in me falling on my face a number of times. Now that some of the difficulty has been removed, I’m finally going to have the success I’ve always dreamt about.

And, as with everything else in life, it is wonderful to have choices and options.